• Sunday, March 22, 2015


    Volunteering in the classrooms of my Grandtwins, I have met talented and tireless educators.

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess! (Born March 2, 1904) I participated in the week long celebration at Pooler Elementary School with Read Across America, a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually the week of March 2—Dr. Seuss's birthday. This month has been the most active, exciting and fulfilling for me and Jewelies Educational Math Game. I arrived at the girl’s school just in time to chaperone a field trip to the local library and see the Cat in the Hat live! I had the opportunity to present and play Jewelies Math Game with the 21st Century Program at Godley Station School and the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System. Mathnasium – Pooler opened March 4, 2015, just around the corner.

    EASTER!!! SPRING BREAK!! BASEBALL – OPENING DAY! So much to do, so much to look forward to, like spring cleaning. Nothing like a beautiful, warm sunny day to get in the mood. I have to admit, I was never able to get in the mood for cleaning in spring. I’d much rather go to the park, ride the bikes, hike in the woods or just be outside, enjoying and playing. It’s a great time to enjoy family and Easter. This is a perfect time and opportunity to play games and keep your children actively learning. Jewelies is bright and colorful, a fun addition to Easter baskets - kids love the jewels.

    We all use math everyday, in our personal financial responsibilities and management. Jewelies Game was conceived and created to provide a simple platform for children and adults to learn and understand financial concepts and principles.

    Using gemstones as a commodity and market cards to indicate changes in value based on market fluctuations, Jewelies Game is not just a fun way to learn addition, subtraction and multiplication but also teaches concepts in finance and economy. Players learn collecting, saving and negotiating skills while developing strategies to win by having the most valuable collection!

    Thank You Mrs. Freeman, Mr. Waters, Ms. Martin, Dr. Burns, Mr. Foard, and Dr. Westbrook for inviting me and Jewelies Game into the Savannah-Chatham County Schools. It is both inspiring and reassuring to meet educators who have passion for providing the best, effective learning opportunities for our kids. I look forward to participating in the SCCPSS District-wide MathMania Event this Saturday, March 28, at Savannah State University. Jewelies Game is ideal for the Parent-Student Sessions for Financial Literacy and Math Games. It is a great and FUN way for parents to help their kids at home continue to learn and develop the math skills that are necessary in our daily lives.

    Spring Break in the past, I have taken my family on a break from home and travelled; this year I will take a break from travelling and be home for Easter. Then, back on the road, I look forward to venturing west and finding more opportunities for Jewelies Game in schools, enrichment programs and homes. I am determined to do good and help people, while being true to my motto, “Having Fun Learning Life” on my cross country adventure.

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