• Playing and Creativity: Why It’s So Important for Kids by Cindy Huxel

    Child playing with construction blocks. Development and creativiThere are some people who believe that children should be treated like adults. But while there is merit in starting to teach kids values like respect at a young age, that doesn't mean they should be discouraged from activities like playing or being creative. What people who fall into the previously mentioned category may not understand is that playing isn't something that's just done for fun. Although kids do have a lot of fun doing it, this is also an important way that they learn.

    The same is true for being creative. When adults use or hear this word, the first thing that often comes to mind is an artistic individual like a musician or painter. However, that's actually just one way that creativity can be harnessed. For children, creativity can manifest itself in all kinds of ways in terms of coming up with solutions. For example, if a child is using blocks to build a tower, this type of playing can help them apply creativity to problem solving.

    While standardized testing has become a reality for most classrooms, the importance of playing and creativity are why many people are advocating for more time to be dedicated to those activities. Even though it's harder to measure the exact effects of this type of activity, it's clear that the long-term effects are very beneficial to children. This is why many teachers ensure that their students have multiple opportunities for games and other forms of play.

    Playing Makes Learning Automatic

    Even when kids like school and enjoy the activities they're doing, they generally only have so much attention and focus before they start to wear out. However, when they're playing a game either at school or in a different setting, they're actually doing a lot of learning without consciously realizing it. That means it's something they'll want to continue doing for an extended period of time. It's also something they'll ask to be able to do.

    If you want your kids to be able to enjoy a really fun game that's specifically designed to help them learn, Jewelies is an ideal fit. This game can be enjoyed by kids from third through eighth grade. One thing that's really nice about this game is it can be completed in as little as twenty minutes, or multiple rounds can be played so a game naturally extends to over 45 minutes.

    What Jewelies does really well is provide a fun way for kids to learn and improve their math skills. Throughout the course of this game, they'll practice skills that include negotiating, saving and collecting. And the entire time they're working on those skills, they'll be having a ton of fun.

    Because Jewelies is something that can be enjoyed at home or school, we offer a single game for up to six players, as well as a classroom kit that makes it possible for up to thirty students to be playing throughout a room at the same time.

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