• Jewelies Game Journey

    I have been planning an adventure for years - a cross-country road trip to experience America and many of the awesome wonders throughout our beautiful country.

    Vacations have been an important part of my life. My Mom and Dad used to take my older brother, my younger sister and me on week- long vacations once or twice every year. Family vacations for us were an RV or hotel stay at Daytona Beach or Myrtle Beach, or a houseboat at Dale Hollow Lake. We also had fun weekends camping and boating at Lake Cumberland, or visiting London, KY to ride dirt bikes. Ahhh, the American Dream of having a home, family, career and, of course, vacations, was my life and purpose for the last 35 years. It was an enjoyable and, in some ways, an enviable experience.

    My children are now independent young adults pursuing their own visions of the American Dream, and my America Adventure was now calling me. I had just started to enjoy the freedom of living in an “empty nest”. I have always wanted to travel, and I started to vision my future with my husband. You would hear me saying, “Chris and I are going to sell everything and live like gypsies, work at ski resorts in season and beach resorts other times.” However, things did not quite go as planned. In the last two years I learned that my dreams and ambitions were not the same as my husband’s - not even close. We started going in different directions in our beliefs and expectations, my young dream of love, marriage, raising children in a home with all the toys and trappings became true.

    I never saw myself in a life without my husband, but, ultimately, I made the hard decision to follow my heart. The week our dissolution was final, I went to church. I always knew that God is here when you need him. I never felt that I needed him much before, but I needed him now more than I realized. Thank you, God, and Crossroads Community Church for being here for me. That was September 22, 2013.

    EmeraldGreen-2Since then, I have been keeping very busy with my Jewelies Educational Math Game. Trying to figure out how to market, sell and succeed with Jewelies has kept me going. I have been attending meetings and events in the Business Start up, Launch, Entrepreneur, Innovation and Education community. Everywhere I go, I meet amazing people and learn interesting things. I develop invaluable relationships, and I have found strong members to join Team Jewelies.

    While the last two years have been a good time of self-discovery and personal transformation, the last 2 months have been a time of decision, declaration and action. I have learned that it is good to always have your eyes open, to be aware of opportunities and to take hold of the right opportunities.   Now is my opportunity to go on an adventure across America. I feel blessed with this chance and plan to make the most of it.

    I am excited and have been talking to everyone about my trip as I form my plans. Everyone asks, “Where are you going?” and, so far, my best answer is, “I will start by going South, then West, then North and then East.” “I plan to go to Knoxville first and visit one of my best friends, Lori. I then hope to spend the holidays with my twin granddaughters, Scarlett and Savannah, their mom, Katie and her Florida family.” Where I go from there is yet to be determined. Fortunately, I have family and friends scattered throughout the United States that may put up with me for a night or two. Otherwise, it was suggested that I register on couchsurfing.com.

    Thank you all for your support and encouragement, and, mostly for your requests to keep you all posted on my adventures. I wanted to start blogging a long time ago, and now it’s a must.

    Jewelies-Game-JourneySo…this is my first official blog of Jewelies Journey - or whatever we end up calling this trip.I am taking Jewelies Educational Math Game on the road and creating a plan to help kids learn math playing the game. I will participate in events for students and families at schools, libraries and churches to introduce, play and market Jewelies Educational Math Game.

    My mission is to provide a fun and effective educational experience to the classroom for kids, teachers, parents and the community. We can all benefit from spending more time in schools, classrooms and children’s learning environments. I will engage grown-ups to work alongside teachers in the classroom, in the role of mentor, guide and coach. I look forward to meeting everyone and learning from each person I meet.

    If you would like to follow along on the Jewelies Journey, simply head over to our Facebook page and Follow Us, or click the image above.  I plan to take several pictures and videos of my adventures as I journey across America, and I would love to share them with you.

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