girls school savannah-palm bayWednesday, February 4, 2015
    Enjoying family and friends while finding new opportunities.

    “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” Benjamin Franklin

    Thank you for your concern for me and your interest in Jewelies Game Journey! I am sorry for taking so long to post an update. My name is Cindy, and I am a “Pro” – Professional Procrastinator and NOT proud of it. This is just one of my many failings. I hope that by admitting it, I may start to change, to be less of a procrastinator and more of a self activator.

    THE PLAN….
    I traveled to Pooler, Georgia, a suburb of Savannah, to visit Katie, Jaime, Jesse and the twins. It was great to show up at the After School program, where they were creating gingerbread houses, and surprise them. Thank you, Mr. Proto and your 5th Graders at Pooler Elementary for playing Jewelies Math Game. It’s not easy to keep students engaged the Friday before Christmas break, but your class was respectful and well behaved.

    From there, it was off to Palm Bay, Florida, with Scarlett and Savannah to spend the Christmas holiday with their loving Florida family: Mommy, Great Grammy and Poppy, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Jaime and so many more good friends. Christmas was even better when their Daddy and Papa from Ohio came down to join the celebration! I am not alone in wanting to bring together and be together with family and friends for the holidays. As life goes on we learn and realize more about ourselves and our purpose. Thank you, Jim and Vicky! You are wonderful and generous. I love you and have learned so much from you!

    Approaching the New Year, I did not have a definite plan, other than going to the Gulf side, finding a condo to rent, and having my Mom join me in warm Florida and be a snowbird for the month of January.

    Facebook is both a blessing and a curse. I like it for the opportunity to keep up with family and friends, as well as world news and trends, but it is a time suck and takes serious discipline to control. That being said, via Facebook, I found that my friends Kim and Rich, were in Dania Beach. Kim is more than my friend, she is my running partner and Christian mentor. Kim said, “Come on down!” so Tuesday night late, she and Rich took me out to Nick’s Hollywood Beach for a few beers. We left about midnight, and I ventured out to find a hotel room……. it was high demand season and there was no room to be found ……
    3am, I ended up at The Jazz on South Beach Hostel. A new and different experience, I can cross off of my list, and it wasn’t even on my list. Wednesday, I met Kim and her family for a beautiful day on Dania Beach! Thank you Kim, Rich, Sammie, Joshua, Connie and Robert, you made my day!

    While prowling Facebook, I found my friends, Joe and Dave Herbert of the infamous Herbert Brothers, where directing and producing a feature film: https://www.facebook.com/InBetweenDays2015
    It would have been super fun to be an “extra” or help in some way, but, alas, I had gone to the other side (of Florida) on a mission to find a condo to rent. More on the condo search and experience in the next update. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PRODUCTION, HERBERT BROTHERS, CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT.

    Team Jewelies has created a new and improved Quick Guide instructions for Jewelies Math Game, if you have an original Jewelies Game copy, please email Nicole@JeweliesGame.com, and we will forward the new Quick Guide to you.

    **New, easy to follow Quick Guide simplifies game instructions making Jewelies Math Game super easy to set up and start to play in minutes!
    **New shopping cart widget AND FREE SHIPPING make it super easy to purchase!

    Please continue “Having Fun Learning Life” with us.



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