Jewelies Game Journey



Jewelies Game is going on a journey!

Cindy Huxel, Founder of LongPlay 360, is going on a cross-country adventure, and she is taking the Jewelies Math Game with her.  Cindy will be visiting various companies, churches and other locations to introduce the Jewelies Math Game to parents and kids, and to promote education and community in learning math.

Won't you join us?

Along the way, Cindy will be blogging about the journey, posting info and checking in on Facebook and she will be taking videos and pictures.  If you would like to join us, simply subscribe to the blog below, and don't forget to Follow Us on Facebook in order to find the current location of Jewelies Game.




Where is Jewelies today?

Jewelies Journey 2015

Cities Visited

1. Knoxville, TN

2. Atlanta, GA

3. Palm Bay, FL

4. Dania Beach, FL

5. Miami, FL

6. Bonita Springs, FL

7. Ft. Myers Beach, FL

8. Leesburg, FL

9. Birmingham, AL

10. Cincinnati, OH

11. Pocahontas, AR

12. Bella Vista, AR

13. Albuquerque, NM

14. Flagstaff, AZ

15. North Rim, AZ

16. Las Vegas, NV

17. Hoover Dam, NV

18. Scottsdale, AZ

19. Phoenix, AZ

20. Heber/Overgaard, AZ

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