• Jewelies Game Journey has officially begun!

    Thank you to all my family, friends and community who have helped me reach this opportunity! I am truly blessed. I have always appreciated my life but never as much as now.

    The last few weeks have been full and good. Thank you to those who helped me vacate my apartment and graciously offered your couch during my brief homelessness. It was a perfect opportunity to learn how to ask for help. I have always been a DIY’er, extremely independent and self-reliant. I like helping others but hate to ask for help. I really don’t know why. People are inherently good, I believe, and want to be helpful, they just do not always know how. But so many are afraid that people are not inherently good and harm is around every corner, so be aware. I will be aware on my journey, and have all of the love, hugs and best wishes from you to take with me.

    Mom let me stay in her guest room until my departure, scheduled for Saturday, November 22. Thought I had seen everyone that I would: my Bad Girl Believers Friday morning group; my Bad Girl Ventures Monday classmates; my DanceFix friends; my Saturday morning running group with Kim A.; my workout buddies, neighbors, Jewelies teammates; my Crossroads friends; and more! Then I was shocked and amazed when so many loving family and friends surprised me on Friday night to see me off!! Thank you!! Love you!!

    I have arrived safely at Lori’s in Knoxville. This is a different and special opportunity for us to enjoy Thanksgiving as we celebrate our current life. She is embarking on her dream journey of owning a beautiful home on a few wooded acres in “God’s Country”, Rocky Top, Tennessee. We can hike down her yard to the Clinch River! It feels good to be here and help her move in.  After Lori’s housewarming, I will be heading south to spend Christmas with Katie, Scarlett and Savannah and their fun and loving Florida Family.

    I brought Jewelies Games and will be looking into the local school activities for opportunities to reach out, introduce and play Jewelies. I do not have an exact plan, and I am not letting that stop me. I am re-reading Life Entrepreneurs by Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek. It is about “ordinary people creating extraordinary lives”. Following are some excerpts that I read today and found to be “spot on” for me:


    Drive is the motivation or desire to go for it. Those of us with drive have a passion to commit ourselves to something-often something much bigger than ourselves. This breathes life into everything we do and fuels our motivation to take risks and act.


    Direction is drive’s companion, the harnessing force that channels our drive toward a desired destination. Our direction comes from our core identity and gives us a sense of where we should be heading. Those with a strong sense of direction in life are able to develop an aspirational vision for what their future can hold. When new opportunities arise, they can assess them in the context of that direction.

    This book is among the life changers for me. I read it in 2008 the first time. I recommend it to everyone who knows they are meant for more and curious about it.   IMG_0174

    Reading and music are strong motivators for me. I had my headphones in this morning while on the treadmill. I heard some great tunes ranging from Janis Joplin to the Jackson 5. The song that I enjoyed and would like to recommend you listen to is: Common Center – Castles And Vessels

    Common Center is a Psychadelic gypsy rock soulclad boogie funk band from Covington, Kentucky. They put on a great live performance! LIKE them at https://www.facebook.com/commoncentersounds

    Great music at:  Common Center - Live At The Warehouse 


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  1. Hi Cindy. Didn’t realize your departure date was soon! Love your first blog and can’t wait to follow you along your journey. Your courage, determination and quest for meaning in your life is such an inspiration. This trip will certainly be a life changer.

    Safe travels on and off the road my friend.

    Blessings and love,

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