It was a little over a year ago, late November 2014, that I left Cincinnati to start my Jewelies Game Journey – Adventure across America. With not much more than the love and well wishes of my family and friends, I hit the road. I flew by the seat of my pants, taking a course of action as I went along using my own initiative and perceptions, rather than a pre-determined plan. (http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/139400.html) Many of you, my friends and family, said I was crazy. Others were encouraging, having already had great travel adventures, or simply sharing my dream.

    So many wonderful and loving people along my way, I met new friends and reunited with friends from years past. I cannot express enough, my gratitude and appreciation for my family, friends and new friends who opened their homes and hearts to me. After spending March in Savannah, GA with Katie, Jaime, Scarlett and Savannah (my grandtwins and their Mom and Titi(Aunt)), I took up an offer from my friend, Tricia, to visit her brother in Birmingham. Thank you, Tim, for introducing me to Birmingham, celebrating your birthday, gliding, motorcycling, and Indy Grand Prix at Barber Motorsports Park, and the nice outdoor office AKA Happy Hour Deck. An impromptu quick trip home to congratulate Lindsey for achieving her BSN and running the Flying Pig Half Marathon, I officially started heading west. I had a great stay with Tom and Ronda at their Buck Hollow Ranch in Pocahontas, AR, encompassing wildflower safaris, elk sightings and learning from Ronda’s extensive geneology project that I descend from Royalty (yes, really).

    I continued west to Bella Vista, AR, to visit Ina Laura, a true blast from my past, it had been 30+ years since we last saw each other (yes, really). Although this freaked out her teenage son, Austin, having been soooo long, Ina Laura and I are true friends and didn’t miss a beat. Thank you, Ina Laura and Tom, for your warm hospitality and awesome outdoor office where I landed my job at the Grand Canyon Lodge – North Rim. It was a 2 day drive, over 1200 miles, through the Texas panhandle with a stop overs in Albuquerque, NM and Flagstaff, AZ. Everyday was a beautiful day at the Grand Canyon North Rim! I was truly blessed. Upon season ending, my adventure continued. With some fellow GCNR friends and co- workers, we went to Las Vegas – my first time! I wish I could say I was a big winner at the tables and slots, but it would be a lie. It was fun to meet Pawn Stars Rick Harrison (also a lie, it was a cardboard cut- out, haha). I stopped at Hoover Dam on my way to Scottsdale, where my friend and talented Destination Wedding Professional (www.myarizonaguide.com), Debra graciously offered to allow me to crash on her couch for a few nights. Her hubby, David, added to my adventure, inviting me, and their guest Mark, to go rock-climbing and repelling on Camelback Mountain. Then I was excited to reunite with my cousin, Andy and meet his beautiful family. Andy added to my adventure, taking me on a super fun mountain bike ride!

    Next, I headed to Heber/Overgaard to reunite with my good friend from grade school, Robin. She and her hubby, Dale, have a beautiful home, stocked with awesome artwork. Again, my great adventure was made greater when Robin and Dale took me along on a quad ride to the Heber Wild Horse Territory! We were so fortunate to see so many of these stunningly beautiful wild horses.
    It was great to be home for the Holidays. After reconnecting and refreshing, I have returned to the road, ringing in the New Year with Lori in Rocky Top, TN, then a quick visit with Katie, Jaime and the girls at their new home in Guyton, GA, I’m enjoying January, and the Snowbird life, in Florida.

    I have always wanted to learn how to fly, a plane that is! But I must admit, this past year of flying by the seat of my pants has been the flight of a lifetime. Now, a year later, I have an attitude of gratitude as I begin again adventuring across America. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE AND CONCERN. I PRAY FOR YOU THAT 2016 IS YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!!

    Although Jewelies Game continues to be played throughout the USA and abroad, we have recently modified and improved it based on players ideas and suggestions. The parts are the same but the score sheets and instructions have changed SO if you currently have Jewelies Game, please contact us at Cindy@JeweliesGame.com for your FREE upgrade. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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