Jewelies Math Game – Fun and Effective Educational Products

Jewelies Math Game

We create FUN and EFFECTIVE educational products for both classroom and home. Our focus is on Mathematics. Our goal is to build confidence and take the fear out of math for children at a young age. Our products, like JEWELIES® MATH GAME, are created to capture their attention and engage their minds; to stimulate learning at each stage of numeracy and math development.

Having Fun, Learning Life® is our driving motto.  We are big believers in life-long learning. What could be better than learning and having a good time? Children learn when they are engaged, challenged and having fun. Homework can be such a drag, but Jewelies Math Game turns homework into family game night!!  Students teach and learn from each other in small group interaction. To excel as life-long learners requires mastery of math concepts and problem-solving skills.

Watch our video to learn more!

Jewelies Math Game

As we expect every child to read fluently with comprehension by third grade, we need to ensure that every child has a mastery of numeracy by the fourth grade so they can easily and efficiently learn mathematics. 

Our games and products are all created for the FUN FACTOR and are designed to appeal directly to the school-ager who typically wants nothing to do with an “educational” game or activity.

Parents are sure to be pleased when their children ask for JEWELIES® MATH GAME.

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