• Graduates


    Although people complete their academic study program at different times through the year, there is no busier time of the year for graduation ceremonies and honors than now.

    Students have invested their time and energy into the pursuit of this moment, graduation and recognition of successfully completing a course of study, preparing them for what comes next.

    When a child and young adult graduates it effects so many. Their family, friends, neighbors, everyone in their community! What we don’t realize is the effect that we have had on that person, but I promise you that the guest of honor, the person of the moment, the Graduate, remembers EVERYONE that helped them along their way. From the mean and scary man that lived at the end of the street and wouldn’t let you cut through his yard on the way to the woods and creek, to the happy cat lady who welcomed everyone. And all the grown ups in between. So you are pleasantly surprised when you get the announcement or invitation for the graduation of a child that you haven’t been around for many years. Then you hear them tell the story about how you impacted their life in a hugely positive way, and you didn’t even know it.

    As we go through life, doing what is good and what is right, and we engage youngsters in positive learning experiences, we have more influence than we know. Congratulations, Graduate and Congratulations to all the people who helped you along your way!

    “(Kids) don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”
    ― Jim Henson

    Help engage a youngster in positive learning today!


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