common core standards for math

• Jewelies Math Game incorporates the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics


•Crosses the curriculum and correlates state standards in other subjects such as Science, Social Science and Economics


•Helps students build their fluency with basic facts in a non-threatening, gaming environment





What Teachers are Saying:
"Fun, real life, educational. Jewelies keeps students interested; they are practicing multiplication, addition and subtraction while playing a game that is based on real life application. Students love trading and collecting the jewelies throughout the game as much as they enjoy learning facts about each jewel. This is a unique game that makes learning fun."
Trina Farrell, Title I Reading/Math Teacher K-5

"I have been a Teacher in the area of elementary education for over 12 years and feel that a game like Jewelies is a great asset to young girls and boys. Having taught 2nd and 3rd grades as well as directing a summer enrichment program, GEMS (Girls Exploring Math and Science), I have observed that young people need every incentive to stimulate their minds. The Jewelies game is a fun, interactive way for children to learn basic math concepts."
Tina M. Fogelman, Elementary Education Professional

"Jewelies Math Game incorporates the Common Core Standards for Grades 3 through 8 and helps students build their fluency with basic facts in a non-threatening gaming environment.”
Christina Sherman, Mathematics Consultant
Hamilton County Educational Services Center



What Kids are Saying:
“Using the Jewelies game to learn Math is fun!”


“I like collecting and trading with my friends.”

“The 20-sided dice is cool!”



What Parents are Saying:
"A chance to reinforce math and give family more opportunity to be together"


“It helps my kids to understand changes in values, like the stock market”


“Enjoyment while learning math, always a plus!”


"It’s important that my kids have fun with it."


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